Cocktail Menu

Whatever you're poison, there's something for everyone (even the sober sailors amongst us...)

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Our collection of tried and tested classics

Passion Fruit

Put some passion in; BACARDI CARTA
BLANCA and fresh passion fruit flavours.
Served ice cold and topped with lemonade.

Jamaican Martinez

The return of an original. We've taken
the classic grapefruit martini to the 
next level with Jamaican white rum 
and fresh grapefruit.

Strawberry Colada

Here we shake coconut cream, strawberries, 
lime, pineapple and coconut rum for a taste 
you'd believe to be strawberries and cream! 
Our take on the classic. 

Spiced Apple Sling

Think spiced apple pies. SAILOR JERRY RUM,
green apple liqueur, lime juice and
gingerbread syrup, with a sprinkle of
cinnamon to top it all off. 


Smugglers Zombie

Strong enough to survive the apocalypse;
rum, pineapple, grapefruit and passion




Morning Wrays

WRAY & NEPHEW overproof rum and 
tropical flavours of pineapple, lime,
passion fruit and grapefruit. Not for the faint-hearted! 


Walnut Old Fashioned

A simple twist on the whisky classic. Walnut bitters 
combined with EL DORADO 12-YEAR-OLD RUM
from the island of Guyana.


Melon Sour

A fruity twist on the classic sour. White rum and 
melon liqueur combine with egg white and lime


The Summer Reef

Reminiscent of a summer's evening on 
the beach; a refreshing blend of Chairman's
white rum, passion fruit and lychee.


Coconut Strawberry Coupe

The richness of Appleton Signature Blend
rum meets the sweetness of strawberries
and coconuts; shaken up and incredibly creamy.


Foams & Flames


Smugglers Pornstar

A Smugglers blend of APPLETON 
liqueur, lime, pineapple and vanilla. Topped 
with caramelised passion fruit foam.


Caribbean Iced Tea

A unique blend of rums, BARCARDI CARTA
shaken with lime juice, topped with 'Ting' and
our thick & creamy coconut foam.


Sun, Sea & Surf

Taste the Caribbean with CANA BRAVA RUM,
blue curacao liqueur, lime and sugar syrup
finished with our thick & creamy coconut foam.


Caramelised Rum Punch

caramelised demerara sugar, cinnamon, 
nutmeg, watermelon sugar syrup, pineapple
and lime juice, topped with MOUNT GAY


Loose Cannon

WRAY & NEPHEW overproof rum 
caramelised with lime and apricot
liqueur. Fruity and potent, just how
rum should be.


Peach & Mint Cooler

A long mix of vanilla, mint and Chairman's
Reserve topped with our signature foam.
The perfect post-raid reward.


Gunpowders & Painkillers

Take the edge off your long day with our
twist on the classic, we use Pusser's Gunpowder 
Strength rum, orange, pineapple and a healthy
dose of flames.


The Ladykiller

The modern Don Juan. Gosling's Black Seal 
rum and passion fruit, combined with fire and
a hint of peach. A sweet concoction that's 
perfect for a summer's evening.


Beer Cocktails

Our famous home-brewed ales, smuggled into cocktails...

A Smugglers Brew

A strong Scotch base, styled with
apricot and peach liqueurs. All 
topped with our home-brewed ale.


Walk The Plank

A tropical explosion combined
with rum, passion fruit and mango. 
All topped with our latest discovery;
POGO fruit beer.


Mojito Daiquiris


The Smuggler

A stalwart of The Smugglers menu.
It's understandable with fresh pineapple
chunks, mint, sugar syrup, fresh lime
juice and peach liqueur, all muddled

Passion Fruit &
Physallis Daiquiri

Crafted from two exotic fruits, this 
daiquiri balances both the fruit and 
Mount Gay Eclipse Gold rum to ensure 
it's a smooth sailing beverage.

Mixed Berry Mojito

Whilst this is certainly more mojito than
mixed berry, there is certainly a refreshing
burst that cuts through the Appleton 
Signature blend rum.


Passion Fruit &
Grapefruit Mojito

Mouth watering in name and nature. Fresh mint, 
lime, passion fruit, sweet sugar syrup, BACARDI 
CARTA ORO GOLD RUM and passion fruit liqueur, 
topped with sparkling grapefruit juice.

Chilli &
Mint Daiquiri

The choice for a Smugglers who's after
a little bit of exotic spice to their voyage.
A clean burst of mint combines perfectly
with the subtle hear of fresh red chilli.

Lychee & Elderflower 


The soft flavours of elderflower and lychee
given a backbone from Diplimatico Blanco
rum and fresh lime juice.



Mai Tai Wars

Step back into tiki history to discover the long-standing rivalry between Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic, both claim to have created the first Mai Tai... but who knows! Time to choose your allegiance...

Trader Vic

The story goes that Trader Vic invented the drink 
for some friends visiting from Tahiti, when they 
tasted it they exclaimed "Maita' I roa ae!", so the 
legend of the Mai Tai was born. Stay true to Vic's 
original recipe with Gold of Mauritius rum, blended 
with all the tropical flavours of orange, lime and the 
sweetness of almond.



It they can do it, so can we! The best of both worlds with rich rum, almond, orange and pineapple, all muddled together to create a cocktail perfect for any tiki beach party.


Don The Beachcomber

In 1033 (11 years before Vic) Don created a much 
more complex and powerful Mai Tai recipe, packed 
full of flavour (and plenty of rum of course!). Enjoy 
Don's zesty punch from fresh grapefruit and lime 
balanced out with both white and dark rums all 
brought together with sweet orange. 


The World's Greatest Smuggler

After an adventure of Rum discovery we have officially collected the world's largest rum collection. Here's a few from our trove of treasures...


Puerto Rico
A popular favourite. We have Carta Blanca, 
Oro, Ocho, Negram, Feugo and 151
(If you dare).



Blanco, Anejo, Reserva, Reserva
Exclusive and the mighty Ambassador.

Chairman's Reserve

St Lucia
White Label, Spiced and the limited
edition Forgotten Cask, blended from
casks that had been forgotten about
following a distillery fire in 2007.

Havana Club

The Cuban art of ageing and blending
to produce Especial, Añejo 3, 7 and 15
años, Añejo Blanco and the Selección de

Mount Gay

A taste of paradise Eclipse, Silver, XO 
or 1703

Appleton Estate

Several rums of varying age including;
Signature Blend, Blanco, Reserve Blend,
Rare Blend 12yr, 21, 30 and the prize of
our rum collection, Appleton Estate 50 year.


From England to Bermuda and back again,
the Gosling family created Black Seal, Gold
Seal, 151 and Family Reserve.

But Why Is The Rum Gone?


Long Island Iced Tea

The definition of a classic. A blend
of white spirits, shaken with lemon
and topped with cola. 


Sex On The Beach

Sounds good to me... Pineapple
juice, lemon juice, framboise with
a splash of KETEL ONE vodka.



One of the greats. Lime, sugar syrup,
Salt rim optional.


Amaretto Sour

Sweet and sour, with a cherry
on top.


Espresso Martini

Wake up to this one. KETEL ONE
vodka, espresso and TIA MARIA coffee
liqueur, sweetened to your taste (we 
recommend sweetening with maple 
spiced syrup!).



From the master mixologist himself, 
Dale DeGroff, this recipe has evolved
through the years to the classic we know
it as today. 


Share The Rum


Smugglers Mojito

SUPERIOR, this is a Cuban classic
made to share.


Shivers Me Timbers

All the rum in the cove. Trois Rivieres agricole rum, 
Black Magic spiced rum and Bacardi Carta Blanca 
rum served with passion fruit, pineapple, lime, 
watermelon and grenadtine. Delivered 
in the world's biggest pineapple! 


Dead Man's Chest

Recently washed up on the shores of the cove.
A bottle of Bacardi Carta Oro, raspberry and 
almond syrup, pineapple, orange and lime. 
All served in a treasure chest for you to create 
your own cocktail. The ultimate treasure! 


Sober Sailor

Despite our best efforts, customs and excise caught up with us on this one and scuppered our rum-smuggling efforts. The result, a delicious selection of alcohol-free cocktails! 

Red Berry Breeze

Fresh redcurrants, sweet agave
syrup lengthened with apple and
cranberry gives you a sweet treat.


Caribbean Mojito

Sunshine inside and out, reminiscent 
of a hot summer's day.


Passion Fruit Mint Crush

A long and refreshing blend of passion
fruit, mint and lemon juice; topped with
apple juice and lemonade.




Thick and deliciously creamy



Like setting sail towards a 
sunset on the horizon; vanilla
ice cream, mango, pineapple
and passion fruit...




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