Kids Menu

A treasure trove for the little'uns...

All meals are £6.95 complete with a main and dessert.

DF    Dairy Free  |  VG    Vegan  |  V    Vegetarian
If you would rather download the menu as a PDF, you can do so here.

If you have an enquiry regarding any special dietary requirements please contact us on 0151 703 6555 or email liverpoolbookings@thesmugglerscove.uk.com.



All meals are £6.95 complete with a main and dessert.


Smugglers picnic

ham and cheese toasted flatbread,
houmous and crudités

Curly cumberland
sausage & mash

with a choice of baked beans or peas



All of the below are served with a choice of
baked beans, peas or salad.

Chicken, pepper &
sweetcorn kebab with chips | DF

Polenta-coated chicken fingers and chips 

Beef burger & chips | DF

Homemade fish fingers
& chips

Falafel burger & chips | DF/VG


To finish




Nutty banana split

with chocolate and
peanut ice cream | DF / VG

Seaside jelly & sandcastle
ice cream

with a choice of vanilla, strawberry
or chocolate

Campfire chocolate pot

with toasted marshmallows
and chocolate crumb |



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